About Lily

Hi! I'm Lily, and I'm an ISFJ, and very proud of it, too. I like to think that ISFJs are special; but really, every type is, so no matter who you are, I thank you for visiting my blog!

Besides doing the ordinary things that most ISFJs do, I also write a lot-- mostly fan fiction (yes, and although fan fiction has a bad connotation to some people, I proudly consider mine to be exceptional). I'm a musician, too, playing the piano and the harp. My other hobbies include swimming, reading, and heckling movies.

As I said, I'm an ISFJ: the Protector. But I am also strongly T. I will eventually be writing a post on why that is; but for whatever reason, I am different from many ISFJs and that may be evident in some of my posts.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you absolutely love it.


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