Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MBTI Myth-Busting

There are a lot of myths about the Myers-Briggs personality test. What better way to begin my blog than busting them? Here goes! 

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Myth 1.0: It Puts You In A Box
This myth seems really legit, which is why so many people believe it. But the truth is, it only puts you in a box if you let it. The MBTI test isn't meant to be a set of rules. It's meant to help you understand yourself, and others around you. It's meant to be a tool. 

Of course, if you let it, using the type indicator can limit you. Maybe you find out that you're an Introverted type. It can be tempting to act more introverted than you are. In fact, you may even use it as an excuse to be reclusive and avoid people. Of course, that is a miss-use of the MBTI. Just like any tool, it can be used wrongly, for the wrong things.

Myth 2.0: You Are One Type or Another
A lot of people think that you are either one type or another. You can't be multiple types. But I think-- and this is purely my own personal opinion-- that you can be a mix. I, myself, am an ISFJ with strong T tendencies. If you can't quite figure out what type you are, it's okay. Maybe some of your traits are really well balanced, and you're not strongly one type. I have a friend who is literally half INTP-INTJ. Just learn to understand what is true about you from both types.

Myth 3.0: Your Personality Type Doesn't Change
Like Remi the Rat so aptly said in the film Ratatouille--

--and everyone changes over time. This is also personal opinion, and is greatly argued over. Some people firmly believe that your personality stays the same; but as you grow, mature, learn, and begin to have more experiences, change is inevitable.

But be careful. This can lead to the belief that one personality type is better than another (see below), since maybe as you've matured you have changed from, let's say, an ENTJ to an INTJ. It doesn't mean that Introverts are better than Extroverts. You have simply changed, and that's alright.

Myth 4.0: One Personality Type is a Special Snowflake
It's not. Really, it's not. Not to be a bully, but I've seen this a lot-- especially with the INFJ type. I don't think they mean to appear that way. But they are a type that tends to evaluate themselves a lot, who like self-discovery, and who are often very proud of their personality type. That's good. You should be proud of who you are. But when you start putting down other types as lesser, that is where the problem lies.

I have a friend who is especially peeved about this. She declares that the internet in general bullies Extroverts. Since a lot of people active on the internet through blogs, etc. are Introverts, I can see why she'd feel that way. Just like with any other trait, being an E in a sea of Is is rather hard. Try not to push down other types with pride in your own.

I hope that I've helped clear up some things for you-- busted some myths and made you more ready to use and benefit from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. So go on. Be yourself. And if the MBTI helps you to do just that, then by all means, use it.
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